“A New Dawn” Nickel Review

John Jackson Miller’s “A New Dawn” is the first book not aimed at children spun off of the upcoming “Rebels” series. Miller in many ways had his work cut out for him. This is a book that has only fleeting cameos from a couple of characters from the films and stars people most of us haven’t “met” yet. It’s hard to carry a licensed book where the reader at this point isn’t emotionally invested yet in the protagonists.

So Miller does the best he can to keep us entertained with fast-paced action scenes and a mismatched crew of characters who find themselves taking on the Empire in order to save their mining moon from destruction. The details are more science fiction-y than the show is likely to be, but the book moves along at a pretty good clip. The main villain (not the Inquisitor from the show) is yet another Imperial cyborg whose initials are also “DV” (da da dum!) and the Imperial officer Sloane made me think of Mia Sara in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.”

If you’re looking for how everyone in “Rebels” meets, the only stars of the show who feature prominently are Kanan the ex-Jedi and Hera. That kid Ezra, Sabine the vandal, and the orange droid are not in it. Kanan has been hiding around the galaxy with an assumed name and working odd jobs, trying not to get noticed but he has sudden lapses into good guy-ism. He is a bit of a Han Solo type but he also appears to be the link to the past on the show. He was apprenticed to Depa Billaba. He quickly develops the hots for Hera, so I’m guessing they will be the show’s OTP.

Of course “A New Dawn” won’t indicate whether or not “Rebels” is going to be a good show. But at the very least it’s a pretty decent novel.

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5 Responses to “A New Dawn” Nickel Review

  1. Keith Palmer says:

    I was sort of interested in your opinion of this book, but I’m afraid to admit a good part of that seems to be because I haven’t had much motivation so far to look too much into “Rebels.” If it was just a matter of thinking “Clone Wars was shut down for it because of a palace coup months after the sale of Lucasfilm, following which the new management concluded all they have to do is give ’em stormtroopers and everyone’ll fall in line,” then I could be reproached for falling into a paranoid persecution complex. (I can at least believe Clone Wars wasn’t ended out of malice, but because of the different media megacorporation now in charge…) Instead, I have the nagging feeling none of the core “Rebels” seem to appeal to me from what little I’ve overheard about them.

    If this novel is intended to show some of the core characters were specifically intended to appeal to the older audience, then I guess I’m stuck admitting that while I suppose the female Twi’leks to be the “sexy alien babes” of Star Wars, they never seem to do anything for me. As for Kanan, I guess I just seem to dislike the suspicion that any “EU Jedi” not specifically being shown dying on-screen in Revenge of the Sith is to be supposed to have survived Order 66 in some fashion because their authors were fond of them. There’s also the wrinkle of him being the “Han type…”

    Of course, I should remind myself I was a little concerned just in advance of Clone Wars itself that Ahsoka would seem more “girl power” than interesting character (and more than that, that she was somehow intended to fill the “female character” role because of those smirky comments about Padme having been altogether destroyed as a character by having had the bad grace to die…) It’s just something I have to deal with, I guess.


  2. alex says:

    this novel was awful. i spend the first half thinking it was the prologue and the second half facepalming. there isnt a plot in any shape or form and any attempts at making one was embarrassing. this novel shows that this so called story group doesnt know shit about star wars. revenge of the sith is the last great star wars film and clone wars the last great star wars in general


  3. Stephanie says:

    Does the novel mention that Depa Billaba went mad? Or did they scrap that and give her a whole new story?


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