How The Ep VII Rollout Will Happen

It looks like those of you hoping for some Ep VII news at NYCC are out luck. The only two Star Wars panels scheduled are for “Rebels.” If you think about it, it makes perfect sense that Disney wants to first focus on launching “Rebels” and after all, Ep VII is still filming. What are they going to say?

After consulting psychics, astrologers, crystals, tarot cards, and mostly common sense based on past experience, here’s how I think the rollout will happen in 2015:

Title reveal: Celebration VII, er, Anaheim April 2015

First look at Trailer A and teaser poster: Celebration Anaheim April 2015

Disney and Lucasfilm are going to wait for their show rather than something like San Diego or New York Comic Con to drop all of the big stuff. The media will be watching not only for star appearances but also for the first peeks at the actual film. This will get treated like an Apple shareholders’ meeting. There have to be big payoffs to fans who are coming out for this thing in spite of anticipating a movie that will be 8 months away.

Trailer A and teaser poster debut in theaters with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” May 2015

I would be really shocked if Disney didn’t take advantage of its golden goose to promote its potential other golden goose.

Panel with exclusive clips: SDCC July 2015

Unfortunately tradition demands Star Wars pimping at SDCC and I say unfortunately because prestige demands said pimping will be in Hall H, which is virtually impossible to infiltrate unless you’re willing to pay homeless guys to start camping out right now. It’ll be too early to debut Trailer B or the final theatrical poster but I predict Abrams and company will show up with some exclusive clips.

More exclusive clips: D23 August/September 2015

Supposedly Disney is planning another one of its fan club cons for 2015 and usually it’s in August or early September. I predict they will have even more stuff than even at SDCC because Disney would rather generate buzz at its own con than to be yet another brick in the wall at a another con. MAYBE there will be a snippet of the final trailer.

Trailer B/Final Theatrical Poster in theaters: October 2015

I think they will choose to have the trailer and poster coincide with NYCC but not use the con to debut them. There may or may not be a panel. It’ll be the last big con before the movie comes out but I don’t think it’s going to make a difference for the movie one way or the other.

Midnight Madness/merch release: Black Friday, November 2015

If I were going to pick a date to do the big dump of Ep VII tie-in merchandise, it would be the day after Thanksgiving. People are up late/early shopping anyway and they may as well stampede for new action figures while they’re stampeding for $150 flat screen t.v.s and $25 iPads. Fans and collectors can load up for themselves and load up to give as gifts for Hanukkah or Christmas.

Sneak previews/charity screenings: December 2015

I expect screenings to start 7-14 days before the movie comes out.

That’s how I’m calling it.

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One Response to How The Ep VII Rollout Will Happen

  1. Christopher skywalker says:

    I wonder how much the trailers will be better then the fucking actual movie


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