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George Lucas on the Meaning of “Star Wars”

Crossposted on SWPAS. A video interview with Lucas and t.v. presenter Charlie Rose on the meaning of Star Wars.

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Rebels Ratings: Good, Bad, Or What?

“Rebels” made its debut last Monday on its permanent home Disney X D (the premiere episode aired on the Disney Channel and will air with a special cameo by Darth Vader on ABC later this month). How it fared ratings-wise … Continue reading

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The Great American Expanded Universe Freakout

When Lucasfilm decided to relegate most of the books and comics of the past several decades to “alternate universe” or non-canon status some months ago, I knew the poop storm that was coming. Predictably, fans who had been ultra-devoted to … Continue reading

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So, Rebels…

Watched the first two episodes bound together as an hour-long “premiere” last night although several people had already seen it through other sources before its official debut. No matter what, everyone is going to compare “Rebels” to The Clone Wars. … Continue reading

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