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My Official Teasy-Teaser Trailer Analysis (TM)

As I knew it would, not only was the teaser trailer for TFA uploaded online, I was able to see it a few more times on t.v….there it was on one local t.v. affiliate during its morning show, there it … Continue reading

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Update: TFA Trailer Online Friday

Either I was right with my tinfoil hat theory where Disney/Lucasfilm were gauging demand before announcing plans to run the TFA trailer online, or somebody in the promo department sobered up and realized with the very positive reaction “Jurassic World” … Continue reading

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30 Years Of “The Ewok Adventure”

30 years ago tonight, November 25, 1984, Lucasfilm unleashed its first made-for-t.v. movie, “The Ewok Adventure” on ABC. (When it was released internationally in theaters, it was re-christened “Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure.”) The movie featured up front and … Continue reading

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Disney/Lucasfilm’s Trailer Tease

Looks like Slash Film’s rumor about the first TFA teaser trailer was untrue after all…it’s in only 30 theaters across the country, not 100. So dropped the news today in chaotic fashion, after the Regal Theaters chain let the nexu … Continue reading

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Fangirl Finds 11/21/14

In light of 1) I’m not very photogenic or good with selfies and 2) I’m the last person on the internet who still cares about privacy, I am not going to model anything. However, I can tell you what of … Continue reading

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ICMYI SWPAS Posts 11/20/14

For some reason links don’t show on this WP design, so I may have to change it again. Anyway, I’ve run another site since 2007, the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society. I post almost every day, weekends excepted though sometimes … Continue reading

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Coming Soon…

I posted for a decade on LiveJournal and most of the stuff I posted in that time period was what was going on at the time. After reading stuff on the new Onesaga site, I realized I haven’t posted very … Continue reading

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