My Thoughts On #TFA (The Title Anyway)

This is an expanded version of what I posted on my Facebook page earlier today:

1. I’m fine with the title. Unlike other fans I could name back in 1998, I did not scream, cry, or freak out over “The Phantom Menace.” Nor did I scream, cry, or freak out over “Attack Of The Clones.” In fact, the only Star Wars title that ever sounded goofy to me was “The Empire Strikes Back” when I heard it announced when I was 10. What did I know? This title strikes a more mystical tone than some of the pulpier titles but it also sounds pretty simple. Maybe Disney had some Star Wars Title Generator program. At least it’s not “The Creeping Fear,” heh heh. What matters in the end isn’t what the movie’s called–everyone’s going to call it Star Wars no matter what–but the movie’s quality.

2. Ep. VIII should be called “The Force Hits The Snooze Button And Goes Back To Sleep” and Ep IX should be called “The Force Realizes It’s Late For Work, Decides To Play Hooky And Call In Sick Instead.”

3. I thought the title would drop at an event like Celebration. The fact they are revealing it now proves that a rumor of a very short teaser coming out this month is TRUE. Otherwise, there’s no reason to reveal it now. Speculation is flying that there could be something attached to “Mockingjay Part 1” or one of the December releases like the last Hobbit flick. Whatever teaser is made, it’s going to be really short and not show a hell of a lot. They literally just wrapped on the film and they’re not going to have much in the way of completed effects shots. So there could be footage from the existing films and maybe a few closeup shots from the film that don’t require visual effects. Of course, animating in a lightsaber can be done pretty quickly.

4. My only beef is Eric Geller’s confirmation there is no Episode VII in the title, unlike with the prequels. Kyle Newman believes they are trying to “erase” Eps I-III. This film is part of the continuity that begins chronologically from TPM and it should reflect that. It’s not a spinoff or its own thing. George Lucas’s vision SHOULD be respected. There are fans though arguing from a marketing standpoint, it doesn’t require moviegoers to be familiar with all of the previous films to see this one. Though as a “sequel” it would help if you were! Most are confident “Episode VII” will be in the title crawl, because if not, the shoe sailing toward the screen will be mine.

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2 Responses to My Thoughts On #TFA (The Title Anyway)

  1. The title is . . . well, okay. To be honest, I never found any of the titles that mind boggling. However, I’m a little confused at why it is called “The Force Awakens”. What exactly are they hinting?


  2. Anonymous says:

    Apparently, a fan (of the whole saga btw) on the TFN forums correctly guessed the name back in 2012, and had a rather good explanation as to why she thought the title fit:


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