Coming Soon…

I posted for a decade on LiveJournal and most of the stuff I posted in that time period was what was going on at the time. After reading stuff on the new Onesaga site, I realized I haven’t posted very much about my past as a Star Wars fan. Moreover, over the past year I’ve read stuff about the halcyon days of ’80s post punk: “Facing The Other Way” about the glory years of indie label 4AD, Peter Hook’s “Unknown Pleasures” and “The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club,” and David J’s “Who Killed Mr. Moonlight.” Given the amount of drugs Hooky and David J consumed since the ’70s (though Hooky’s been sober a while), I’m shocked these guys can remember that much of anything, much less events that occurred 30 years ago in detail. I don’t do anything stronger than NyQuil and sometimes I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago.

Anyway, what I will do here include many of my fandom memories, nearly 40 years’ worth. No, I didn’t get to go to wild parties with the Ewok cast nor did Hayden Christensen give me a lap dance, but I hope you will find them entertaining and appreciate how things have changed as well as stayed the same.

Also, I will do pimp posts for SWPAS, my other site. Stay tuned!

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