Is The Teaser Trailer Nigh Upon Us?

Well, that’s what the rumor mill says! Supposedly they are working at a breakneck pace, even forcing John Williams to work the weekend to score a very brief teaser trailer. I have not read details on what’s in the trailer (don’t tell me, I kinda like being surprised) but given that filming just finished I don’t expect to see much more than lots of closeups and some minor quickie effects shots.

Now I noticed on the various Peanuts official social media today that Blue Sky Studios is going to debut the trailer for its Peanuts film in 10 days. That film isn’t slated until November 2015, so I guess it’s a thing to start promoting movies way in advance now.

The question is when will we see this TFA trailer. It could be as soon as this week with “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.” Supposedly, Lucasfilm REALLY wants to attach it to this film. If so, we’ll know by Thursday when midnight movie audiences will get to see the film. If it’s not with “Mockingjay,” there are rumors saying it may be attached to “The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies” or shown at the end of a December episode of “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D..” I also think it’s possible it could be attached to Disney’s big December movie, “Into The Woods.”

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4 Responses to Is The Teaser Trailer Nigh Upon Us?

  1. Keith Palmer says:

    I suppose all this talk of an “early trailer” makes me think of the first one made for The Empire Strikes Back, which was just quick pans over production art and some pictures of the “new-look” characters… although for some reason that trailer amuses me more than most of the other “period” ones. Perhaps, though, I’m a little bit leery at the thought of a trailer that might be calculated to keep people thinking “isn’t it just great they’ve built so many sets?”


  2. Aeryn says:

    If it’s attached to Mockingjay, you can be assured I’ll be posting my reactions/review tonight. 😉


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