Fangirl Finds 11/21/14

In light of 1) I’m not very photogenic or good with selfies and 2) I’m the last person on the internet who still cares about privacy, I am not going to model anything.

However, I can tell you what of my recent finds are worth picking up.

This week, I had a couple of things roll in, including Her Universe’s new Star Wars cardigan and a steampunk corset printed top.

I’ve wanted Her Universe to do a Star Wars cardigan for ages. The Doctor Who one is so adorable, I’ve thought of buying one even though I don’t watch the show! Not only has HU got around to Star Wars at last, it managed to make a cardigan in my favorite color scheme: black and white.

The cardigan is rather lightweight, like thicker t-shirt material (perfect for SoCal weather in November) and the Rebel/Imperial symbols are screened onto the garment. It fits exactly how it looks in the above photo if you get your regular size. If you prefer a looser fit, I’d go up a size.

It looks great on over a t-shirt, short or long-sleeved, or a tank top. It’s comfortable and polished enough to wear to work, which I did today for casual Friday. Her Universe is selling the cardigan for $35.00. Hot Topic is selling it for $39.00, but HT frequently has sales. For example, it’s offering 20% off on its website as I’m writing this. Available in sizes XS-XL and up to 3X in plus sizes. Plus size costs a few bucks more.

What I did get from Hot Topic is this corset printed t-shirt:

This one is from Lip Service’s Step In Time steampunk line, so of course the corset has a bunch of cogs printed on it. The back has printed on “laces.” I went with my usual size and while it fit me fine, I recommend going up in size for a looser fit, especially if you have big boobs or a tummy. Great for wearing to steampunk gatherings and cons. Throw on a jacket or a blazer to balance out the potential va-va-va-voom factor. Yours for $26 but like I said, Hot Topic is always having some kind of sale or promotion. Available in sizes XS-3X.

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