Fangirl Finds 12/31/14

I’d received the Star Wars tattoo flash art print tote bag from Loungefly. It’s big, roomy, and the inside lining has the SW logo on it. A great bag for cons and other fannish events.

When Her Universe had a sale on its jewelry before Christmas, I took the plunge for the Darth Vader necklace with the crystals. It’s a good-sized piece but not so big it looks gaudy.

I rarely order from ThinkGeek (I’ve got a little bit of a grudge) but thanks to a sale offer before Christmas, I ordered a pair of Jedi symbol earrings, a rare prequel-related item on that site, and a Leia chibi t-shirt featuring all of her costumes from Eps IV-VI. The stuff’s cool but I noticed on the card holding the earrings it said “Rebel alliance symbol.” Licensing fail!

On the independent front, I got a vanilla flavored lip balm named for Padmé from an Etsy merchant called MerchantOfGallifrey. The vendor has a bunch of bath and beauty products inspired by your favorite genre t.v. shows and movies. I also picked up on Etsy some great fan art. I got one piece from AnimaEterna and two from CaledoniaSkyArt. I may get the Ahsoka print to go with the Leia and Padmé ones.

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