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Call Me A Conspiracy Theorist But…

In light of last week’s news, which in my mind hasn’t been quite “debunked,” that Disney discarded George Lucas’s storyline for the sequel film(s) in favor of whatever we’re going to see in TFA, my tin foil hat has been … Continue reading

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How I Started Writing Fan Fiction

1992 marked my introduction to Star Wars fan fiction. I was just starting my first year of law school and was looking for something more interesting to read than casebooks. With a new SW novel set for almost a year … Continue reading

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On Star Wars History And Perspectives

Reading about the early days of Star Wars can be very interesting if you care about that sort of thing. A lot has changed about movies, Lucasfilm, and many of the individuals involved since the ‘70s. Plus there’s always dirt … Continue reading

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More Thoughts On Disney, Lucas, & Ep VII

In case you missed my Twitter and Facebook snarking or my open thread on SWPAS, Cinema Blend had a scoop today that Disney ditched George Lucas’s ideas and “went their own way” to develop TFA. That came from Lucas himself, … Continue reading

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The Original Oscar Outrage

Not everything was all sweetness and light during the early half of 1978. One of the greatest crimes against humanity in my eight-year-old opinion was the great rip off that occurred at the Academy Awards. The Oscars is one of … Continue reading

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How I Ended Up Running A Fan Fiction Zine

Before fan fiction blew up on the internet just under 20 years ago, the only way to access fan-created stories, poems, filks (parody and original songs based on fannish topics), and art was to get your hands on a fanzine. … Continue reading

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Marvel’s Star Wars #1

It would be easy for me to be churlish about Marvel’s first new Star Wars comic since 1986. I am not a fan of Marvel ed in chief Joe Quesada, I was happy with Dark Horse being custodian of Star … Continue reading

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