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My Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy’s passing has broken the hearts of every Star Trek fan. Spock has been a fan favorite for almost half a century, an iconic character who symbolizes Trek the way Darth Vader, Yoda, or Artoo symbolizes Star Wars. With … Continue reading

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The Quick, Condescending Course To Star Wars Filmmaking

The Opening Getting the opening “correct” is simple. Granted, we don’t have the 20th Century Fox logo/fanfare anymore but it can still be pulled off. You need the opening crawl: Then it is followed by the appearance of at least … Continue reading

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A Brief Word On Leaks

Apparently the mystery box got smashed wide open and a big fat spoiler on TFA got dropped today (stay away from the usual fan sites and spoiler forums if you don’t want to know). 1) Big fat hairy spoilers getting … Continue reading

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Six Reasons Why They Built Movie Theaters: #2 The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back was at last unleashed upon the American public on May 21, 1980. The closest theater showing it was the Dadeland Twin, right across the street from the Dadeland Mall/Shooting Gallery. It had two large auditoriums, one … Continue reading

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Son Of A Gun: Rumors, Spoilers, and Theories

I am not trying to spoil myself for TFA but occasionally I stumble across some rumors that could be spoilers. So if you’re avoiding anything and everything, look no further….

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The Three Year Wait Part Three

The dry spell ended with a trip to the Miami Planetarium in February 1980. It was President’s Day weekend, and my mom was out of town. My dad was also off from work so he took the three of us … Continue reading

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Fangirl Find 2/7/15

I had some credit at so when they were offering this stainless steel ring for 18 bucks, I thought, “What the hey.” This was a ring designed for man hands unfortunately. My ring finger is between a five and … Continue reading

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