Son Of A Gun: Rumors, Spoilers, and Theories

I am not trying to spoil myself for TFA but occasionally I stumble across some rumors that could be spoilers. So if you’re avoiding anything and everything, look no further….

Making Star posted a rumor the other day that Domhnall “Dang, I’m Going To Have A Hard Time Spelling His Name” Gleeson plays Luke’s son in TFA. If Abrams was going to make this one of his Magic Box Khan’s-the-villain big secret moments, it’s already out, so ha ha.

Most of the rumors I’ve heard or seen are pretty stupid and disappointing, so I keep hoping they are false or inaccurate. But this, THIS is interesting. And I think this has a better than good shot of being true. Why? As MSW noted, Gleeson does have a slight, reasonable resemblance to Mark Hamill in his youth. Also recall in the released cast photo of the meeting/table read in May 2014, Gleeson was parked close to Hamill. Usually actors who are spending the most scenes together are seated together for these things; I figured out that Daisy Ridley had to have been Han and Leia’s daughter because she was seated between Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford. Giving Luke a son keeps the Skywalker name going and continues the father/son thread that has more or less been in place since the beginning.

Interestingly enough, Slashfilm posted an argument against this rumor. I love the fact that people now HAVE to take the prequels into consideration of canon going forward. Hahahahahaha. While Slashfilm made a lot of good points, I think we have to take the following into consideration (aside from what was in the “Legends”/Expanded Universe):

1) Luke knows the good and bad of love, friendship, and attachment

On the one hand, Luke’s rabid desire to drop everything and go save his friends resulted in their being captured and tortured, and in Luke getting maimed. But it also produced the terrible yet useful knowledge that Luke’s father is still alive and redeemable. On the one hand, Vader threatening to turn Leia to the Dark Side made Luke come very close to turning himself. On the other hand, Luke’s appeal to his father is what finally awakened Anakin from his Dark Side haze to finally take out the trash and dump Palpatine into a bottomless pit. Luke could be manipulated by his attachment to his friends but having friends without secrets or rules complicating those friendships was a huge advantage to him. And whether Luke ever finds out what exactly turned his father to the Dark Side, had there been no marriage between Anakin and Padmé, there would be no son to save Anakin. So I can see that Luke would be somewhat guarded about letting his feelings carry him away but realizes he can still be open to love of all forms because love unto itself isn’t necessarily harmful. In fact, it can be a very, very good thing.

2) If it’s okay for Leia to have children, why not Luke?

Even though Leia’s abilities with the Force were revealed in ROTJ and Luke promises her in time she will learn to use them too, just about every fan expected her and Han to settle down and have children of their own. This was so even after the prequels. Nobody said, “Gee, maybe Leia would have to give up learning the Jedi ways or dump Han.” So if it’s fine for Leia to be a mother and possibly a Jedi, why can’t Luke be a Jedi and a father?

3) Luke has the opportunity to completely remake the Jedi Order and its ways

It makes sense that Luke could weigh what was done in the past with what’s necessary and logical in his present. That might include the old “no attachments” rule, especially since there aren’t a lot of Jedi to go round by the time of the Empire’s fall.

4) Luke could’ve taken an alternative path to fatherhood

The argument seems to be that either Luke couldn’t possibly have a son because he would live the same quasi-celibacy of say Yoda or Obi-Wan, or he had to have been doing the nasty with some woman. It’s entirely possible Luke could’ve fallen in love and had a child with a woman at some point in those decades after ROTJ; if that’s the case, they’d have a lot of ‘splaining to do. But what if Luke wanted to have a child but didn’t have time or opportunity for romantic love? Look at Jango Fett. His “son” was a clone. I doubt Luke would go that creepy route to Kamino but perhaps Luke got a surrogate. Maybe some Force priestess handed him a giant lotus, it opened up, and there was a baby inside. Maybe those prankish midichlorians made Luke pregnant. Boy, would that make the fanboys howl…the first official mpreg movie hero. I’d fall out of my seat laughing. I’m ruling out adoption because Gleeson has that resemblance.

Maybe the rumor is utter bunk but I don’t think it’s necessarily farfetched that Luke raised a son. We shall see.

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One Response to Son Of A Gun: Rumors, Spoilers, and Theories

  1. Keith Palmer says:

    My RSS reader doesn’t seem to honour “spoiler cuts,” but I remember “one of those new guys must be Luke’s son!” being reported in the first discussions on SWPAS about “Episode VII’s” casting, so I’m not in a “why oh why did I ever look?” state.

    On taking another look at what you said, I noticed you mentioned “(aside from what was in the ‘Legends’/Expanded Universe),” which I admit I’d been contemplating would have made the concept of Luke having children seem more familiar. I suppose too I keep thinking the current crew have missed a trick by not holding out hope to the more determined Mara Jade boosters at the very least (which just reminds me of how I never quite seemed to get what they insisted they saw from the start, but that might be getting too far afield); as much as memories of “Mrs. Anakin Skywalker” from the days of three movies leave open accusations of “downplaying female characters,” I can still at least imagine “Mrs. Luke Skywalker” might be invoked and then left to fertile imaginations…

    In thinking of all of this, though, I’m at least able to contemplate it ought to be possible to feel sympathetic for Anakin’s predicament at the “no attachments” rule but still conclude “he shouldn’t have done that”… although that might start to move Luke and Leia into territory blinkered attachment to the old movies would just get (further) upset about.


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