The Quick, Condescending Course To Star Wars Filmmaking

The Opening

Getting the opening “correct” is simple. Granted, we don’t have the 20th Century Fox logo/fanfare anymore but it can still be pulled off. You need the opening crawl:


Then it is followed by the appearance of at least one ship (sometimes more) in space:






(I gave up trying to find the right first shot from TESB, but you get the idea.)

The Middle

When you transition between scenes, you use wipes:

Fill your scenes with a mix of action, adventure, exposition and small quiet moments that endear us to the characters, comedy, suspense, thrills, and at least one big lightsaber fight where Everything Is At Stake. Use montage editing when needed. Light on the romance in the first entry of the trilogy; that gets played up more in the second film of the trilogy. No cussing, definitely no sex, and no mention of Earth. Be sure you know your mythology, movies that are mandatory viewing in film school, westerns, and Kurosawa. It would also be helpful if you are well-versed in the entire Star Wars saga to date. Including Clone Wars.

The Ending

When you get to the end of the movie, there is a coda where John Williams’s soaring score comes to the fore. With the exception of Boss Nass’s “peace” at the end of TPM, THERE IS NO DIALOGUE. Also, no quick cuts from action and dialogue to the credits. Do not make it look as though you just ran out of film or the movie just “stops.”

See. Piece of cake.

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2 Responses to The Quick, Condescending Course To Star Wars Filmmaking

  1. Nick Skywalker says:

    Can’t wait to see Disney crucify all of these (sarcasm)


  2. madmediaman says:

    It’s not rocket science…


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