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Welcome To The Con, No Fun Allowed

WonderCon in Anaheim is still set for Easter weekend but there’s one panel that has already been canceled. The panel was “Fan Fic Theatre,” where based on the description, host Chris Gore and other comedians do “dramatic” readings of various … Continue reading

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Your Real Celebration Survival Guide

If you frequently attend megacons like SDCC, NYCC, Emerald City Comic Con, DragonCon, SLC Comic Con, Phoenix Comic Con, etc., then in many ways Celebration will be a piece of cake compared to the pandemonium of being in a convention … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is There To Do In Anaheim II

Even though Orange County doesn’t have all of the sights and tourist attractions that Los Angeles and San Diego have, there are still some points of interest in case you and your crew feel like playing tourist while you’re there … Continue reading

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What The Hell Is There To Do In Anaheim?

Besides go to Celebration and to the Mouse House you mean? Glad you asked. I don’t live in Orange County but I’ve been up there several times, so I know what’s worth checking out. Parks (Besides Disneyland and California Adventure) … Continue reading

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My Thoughts On Marvel’s New Leia Comic

I haven’t felt compelled to review every comic that comes out because, eh, it’s too much work. But since lots of other people are reviewing it and Leia just so happens to be my co-favorite character with Anakin, I figure … Continue reading

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On “Rebels” Season One

Easily the best thing and the most exciting thing to happen on the first season of “Rebels” is the reappearance of Ahsoka Tano, now an adult, at the end of the season finale. Sure it was nice seeing Darth Vader … Continue reading

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