What The Hell Is There To Do In Anaheim?

Besides go to Celebration and to the Mouse House you mean?

Glad you asked. I don’t live in Orange County but I’ve been up there several times, so I know what’s worth checking out.

Parks (Besides Disneyland and California Adventure)

Knott’s Berry Farm has been in nearby Buena Park for decades but for some reason, it’s one of those things you only know about if you live in Southern California. It started out as a roadside attraction/fried chicken restaurant for a berry farm (Knott’s originated the boysenberry) and today it’s an amusement park that’s a tad bit more thrill ride oriented than Disneyland. It’s also a lot cheaper. Regular admission is $65 and if you want to go before Celebration, you can buy tickets for $36 to benefit Susan B. Komen OC and use them by April 12.


Anaheim GardenWalk has a store called “Geeky Mamas” that sounds more or less up the Celebration attendee’s alley. Other than that, the next big shopping locale is Downtown Disney. Face it, you will spend a lot of time and money there. They will make sure of it.

If you want a more traditional mall, there are three within 20 minutes or so of Anaheim.

Irvine Spectrum is an outdoor mall in nearby Irvine with a Target, a Nordstrom’s, a big food court, a movie theater, and most importantly, a big ferris wheel.

Fashion Island is a beautiful upscale outdoor mall close to the coast in Newport Beach. That general area also has a Whole Foods, a Bristol Farms market, and a Tommy Bahama’s with a fantastic restaurant.

South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa is the only mall you will ever visit that has both a Sears and a Saks Fifth Avenue with couture wear. It’s been there forever but over the past couple of decades it has become kind of a Rodeo Drive South. You’ll find Harry Winston, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, etc. but you’ll also find affordable standbys like Zara, H&M, Madewell, J Crew, Uniqlo, and so forth. If there’s a shopaholic in your family who would rather not endure a Star Wars convention, I recommend dumping that person off there. Just hold on to your credit cards.


My last trip to Anaheim involved mostly eating inside the Disney parks but I did visit a pretty good Mediterranean place in Downtown Disney. Which by the way has a bunch of restaurants. Warning: on Friday nights the restaurants can get really busy.

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