What The Hell Is There To Do In Anaheim II

Even though Orange County doesn’t have all of the sights and tourist attractions that Los Angeles and San Diego have, there are still some points of interest in case you and your crew feel like playing tourist while you’re there for Celebration.

Newport Beach is known for being a rich area but it also has nice beaches, cute cottages along the shore, and a barrier island with old timey beach town charm. You can also take a two-hour ferry from there to Catalina Island; a lot of the time you can see dolphins during the trip.

Laguna Beach is a bit more artsy but it’s every bit as wealthy as Newport Beach. People like to come down from L.A. on the weekends to visit the galleries, boutiques, and restaurants.

San Juan Capistrano is famous for its mission, which is absolutely worth visiting. There’s also a charming old town area.

San Clemente and Dana Point are your last points of civilization before the no-man’s land that makes up Camp Pendleton in San Diego County, but it also has a nice beach and the usual restaurants and boutiques.

Long Beach is in Los Angeles County but it’s not all of that far from Anaheim. Visit the Queen Mary, see if you have better luck than I did finding its famous ghosts (or less luck if you want to look at it that way), and check out the aquarium. The hop to Catalina is also much shorter from Long Beach.

And if you are a history/poli-sci buff, drop by the Nixon Museum and Library in Yorba Linda. It’s really interesting and well worth your time regardless of your politics.

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