Fun Questions To Ask At Celebration (If You Dare)

Guaranteed to make people sweat, stammer, and look uncomfortable. Not responsible for anyone getting kicked out of the con.

1. George Lucas says Disney tossed his treatments and went its own way with Star Wars. True or false?

2. Whose decision was it to cancel The Clone Wars? Why was it canceled?

3. How ’bout those seven daytime Emmy nominations for your canceled show?

4. Is prequel bashing on social media the #1 prerequisite for getting hired for a writing gig?

5. So, Mr. Hamill, would you say you have a big role in Ep VII or a little role? About how long are you in the movie?

6. Mr. Abrams, was every space scene shot in location out in orbit or did you use CGI?

7. Why isn’t there more prequel or Clone Wars themed merch in the Celebration store? Or in general?

8. A few years ago, George Lucas gave a lecture to Clone Wars staff writers about the nature of the Force. Was this recorded and if so, have you bothered watching it?

9. Have you ever read Mike Klimo’s Ring Theory?

10. Which fan site has had the most accurate spoilers?

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2 Responses to Fun Questions To Ask At Celebration (If You Dare)

  1. Perfect and I wouldn’t see a problem with any of these questions if asked respectfully and politely. Number two is the one I’d ask as the way they handled that still frosts me. “Winding down” “bonus content” “lost missions” I really want the straight answer.


  2. Stefan Kraft says:

    I love the last question. XD
    And who knows whether we’ll ever get an answer to question 1. Maybe GL will never go into details (he has other things to do & is probably too professional to complain), but it would nevertheless be interesting.


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