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Is This My Last Comic Con Ever 2015 Edition Friday Jul. 10

My volunteering gig was first thing in the morning again, this time at the hell hole known as Hall H. Hall H’s schedule was a doozy: The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and of course Star Wars were all set … Continue reading

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The Fog Of War(s): The Media And The TFA Script

Earlier this week, it was suggested in the June issue of Vanity Fair and on The Atlantic’s website that the TFA script junked all of George Lucas’s treatments for the sequel trilogy. Lucas himself had stated Disney had not used … Continue reading

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A Brief Word On Leaks

Apparently the mystery box got smashed wide open and a big fat spoiler on TFA got dropped today (stay away from the usual fan sites and spoiler forums if you don’t want to know). 1) Big fat hairy spoilers getting … Continue reading

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Son Of A Gun: Rumors, Spoilers, and Theories

I am not trying to spoil myself for TFA but occasionally I stumble across some rumors that could be spoilers. So if you’re avoiding anything and everything, look no further….

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More Thoughts On Disney, Lucas, & Ep VII

In case you missed my Twitter and Facebook snarking or my open thread on SWPAS, Cinema Blend had a scoop today that Disney ditched George Lucas’s ideas and “went their own way” to develop TFA. That came from Lucas himself, … Continue reading

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So He Didn’t See The Trailer

Recently GL spoke to the New York Post’s Page Six column and revealed that he hadn’t seen the TFA trailer, saying he preferred to just watch the whole thing in the theater. When asked if he was curious about what … Continue reading

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My Official Teasy-Teaser Trailer Analysis (TM)

As I knew it would, not only was the teaser trailer for TFA uploaded online, I was able to see it a few more times on t.v….there it was on one local t.v. affiliate during its morning show, there it … Continue reading

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