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Is This My Last Comic Con Ever 2015 Edition Jul. 8-9

This year’s SDCC was a very different experience. After going as a regular attendee since 2004, this was my first year as a volunteer. In return for three hours of your labor, you get a free badge for that day. … Continue reading

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Star Wars Has Always Been Controversial

If you haven’t already, follow Mike Klimo (@MikeKlimo), author of “Star Wars: The Ring Theory,” on Twitter. One of the things he’s been doing lately is posting excerpts of not-so-fawning reviews and essays about ANH, TESB, and ROTJ. A lot … Continue reading

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About That Marvel Bombshell (Spoilers)

Trigger warning! This post is politically incorrect and full of old-fashioned values! Just as I heap praise upon Marvel on SWPAS for how it has fully integrated the saga into its comics, they had to go and pull the same … Continue reading

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Why Are GoT Fans Surprised?

I don’t watch HBO’s “Game of Thrones” in spite of its fan base, its pop culture cachet, or its accolades. Sure, I like swords and sorcery as much as the next person but GOT, based on the A Song of … Continue reading

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Fangirls: You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Lately there’s been a trend among the media, feminists, and “geek” sites to claim various entertainment companies are in a ruthless war against its female fans. Now sometimes these companies can make missteps and overlook a fanbase that wants to … Continue reading

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Tired Of The Con Game

The very first convention of the fannish variety that I attended was a now-defunct event called Castle Con in the summer of 1992. It was not a Star Wars or even a media con, though there were some cosplayers and … Continue reading

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On The Constant Wankery Of The “Unaltered” OT

For the past 18 years, fandom has suffered the constant whining about the changes made to Eps IV-VI and a demand that somebody somewhere “change them back.” To make a long story shorter, when I first heard rumors about possible … Continue reading

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