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Star Wars Has Always Been Controversial

If you haven’t already, follow Mike Klimo (@MikeKlimo), author of “Star Wars: The Ring Theory,” on Twitter. One of the things he’s been doing lately is posting excerpts of not-so-fawning reviews and essays about ANH, TESB, and ROTJ. A lot … Continue reading

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Again, Star Wars Is Not Hard Science Fiction

A few days ago I got wind of a rumor that the upcoming “Rogue One” Anthology film was going to be “more scientifically sound” than the other Star Wars films. Then to back it up, there comes the news story … Continue reading

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About That Marvel Bombshell (Spoilers)

Trigger warning! This post is politically incorrect and full of old-fashioned values! Just as I heap praise upon Marvel on SWPAS for how it has fully integrated the saga into its comics, they had to go and pull the same … Continue reading

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